A MINI-MUSEUM has been created inside Tavistock Museum’s main building, aiming to widen accessibility and act as a taster for its main attractions.

The ground floor attraction on Guildhall Square saves visitors with reduced mobility having to climb stairs to the main galleries, providing a snapshot of what the museum offers upstairs.

Lesley Holliday, Tavistock Museum’s deputy manager, said: “The mini-museum provides a smaller version of the rolling exhibitions we have over the season – for instance an old postcard display, bound editions of Tavistock Gazette and the D-Day 80 Commemoration. We have mineral examples illustrating the area’s geology and its links to the past mining industry. It’s ideal for families, perhaps for children with a short concentration span, and for grandparents to enjoy with their grandchildren. One of our most popular items is the school punishment book recording pupils’ minor infringements. We have sold copies of it worldwide.”