THE LATEST cargo of donated aid to Ukraine’s frontline battle with Russian invaders has been delivered.

The van load of aid with the all-girl crew set out from Milton Combe with the van packed with hospital medical supplies and humanitarian aid.

Tracey Halton, part of the delivery team, said: “Our all-girl crew took the van stacked full of hospital medical supplies and humanitarian aid, all donated by our extremely generous supporters. The van was kindly donated to Nightingales UK by Terry Lewis of Jaques Samuel Pianos.

“This was our second trip in three weeks. Nightingales UK is proud to be responsive and flexible, focusing on delivering only what our Ukrainian colleagues request.”

The team’s destination was Prague, to hand over to charity partners in Poland, Levhearts and Koridor UA. 

Koridor connects Western donors with Ukrainian needs to transport aid to Ukraine. It also organises trucks and warehouses.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Koridor has transported more than 1,000 tonnes of material across the Slovak and Polish border.

It helps charities cross borders virtually and on paper with customs clearances, declarations or providing information to slim down the bureaucracy of the EU/Ukraine border.

Tracey said: “Delivering to and through Koridor UA means that our medical supplies are sorted and prioritised, then delivered by lorry or train to hospitals and frontline areas to the east of Ukraine where they are especially needed.

“Using partners in this way enables Nightingales UK to use donated money in the most efficient and effective way, reassuring donors of the best use of their funds. 

“During our drive across Europe, just over 1000km each way, we stayed with friends and acquaintances, mostly those we've met along the way, again keeping costs to a minimum. 

“We offloaded our cargo at a secure warehouse with a team of helpers from Levhearts ready for its onward journey to Ukraine.”

Nightingales UK also delivers four-by-four vehicles which can be used in Ukraine to transport battlefield medics to the frontline injured needing life-saving treatment.

Nightingales UK volunteers Tracey Halton and Tracey Jones (paramedic).
Nightingales UK volunteers Tracey Halton and paramedic Tracey Jones (Nightingales UK)

Donations can be made to NIghtingales UK at:[email protected]