VILLAGERS from a West Devon charity are setting out once again with crucial medical equipment and 4x4s to save seriously injured troops in Ukraine.

A convoy was loaded up ready to leave for the war zone earlier this week.

Rupert Jones, of Milton-Combe based Nightingales UK, organising the trip, said: “War damage to normal Ukrainian health services is enormous. Their hospitals, GPs and social care services are on their knees. Hospitals lack vital equipment. 

“We’re sending high grade medical equipment to hospitals across Ukraine. Many thousand pounds worth of high-quality equipment has already gone in our van in March and more this month. Front-line aid heads east and specialist medical kit to hospitals in Kherson, Kyiv and Kharkiv.

“Since August last year we have driven five four-wheel-drive casualty evacuation vehicles to Ukraine. All were packed with emergency aid for the front line, more will follow. The best life-saving kit is very expensive and we have to buy much of this.”