CALLINGTON Primary School has been rocked this week by the Year 6 leavers' performance of 'Schools Will Rock You'.

The Year 6 children at Callington Primary have put on a production of the adapted West End musical hit 'We Will Rock You' which includes many famous Queen hits such as 'Killer Queen', 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'We are the Champions'.

The story is set in the future in a world where rock and roll music is banned and an evil character named Killer Queen is detemined to make every 'GAGA' child listen to the same music and wear the same clothes.

There are a handful of people who want to fight back and bring rock and roll music back to life. Led by Galileo and Scaramouch, two children who do not fit into this GAGA world, a group of bohemians go in seach of musical insturments, hidden by the legends Queen, in the hope to bring rock and roll music back to life.

A spokesperson for the school said: 'All the year 6 children have worked incredibly hard to learn all the songs, make all the scenery and find fantastic costumes so it makes this leavers' production a hard one to beat!'