MORE than 300 people came to support the new Okehampton Sunday Market, which commenced at the weekend.

The market, which was the initiative of local resident Rebecca Kitty Green, attracted plenty of visits to an array of stalls and music in the Charter Hall.

Event organiser Rebecca said she counted that 100 people had visited the market within the first half an hour it was opened.

‘It was a huge success — better than anyone had expected! The market was full of life and there was never less than 20 people inside of Charter Hall looking around the variety of fantastic stalls.

‘The aim of the market is about providing something for the community as well as inviting people into Okehampton to show what a great town it is.

‘Okehampton used to be a market town, however the old market died. We are not trying to revive it. We are trying to create something totally new and exciting for the town.

‘Each week we will have different stalls, so each week it is like a new market every time.‘

Two weeks ago, when permission for the market was granted, Rebecca created the community organisation Something on Sunday. The small team of volunteers will be running the market every weekend with stalls, children’s activities and lots more.

Rebecca added: ‘We are not making profit by organising the market, we simply charge stall holders so that we can cover costs for the hall and printing. We offer local charities and organisations to have free stalls, because charity is at the heart of the market.’

Okehampton Town Councillor Tony Leech said: ‘I wish to send my congratulations to the organisers on a brilliant event. 

‘To organise this in such a short time is a really outstanding achievement, and I hope that the market will continue to thrive.

Next Sunday, the market will host a superhero theme event in celebration of Father’s Day.

For more information, visit the ‘Okehampton Sunday Market’ Facebook page.