I REFER to the article about the A30 junction in your issue of December 1 in which mention is made of the intent to reduce the impact on local environment. A structure such as that at Cheriton Bishop is not intrusive on the environment. What is presently highly obtrusive, and far more pressing for remediation, is the noise pollution between Whiddon Down and Whitehouse. In addition to the noise is the hazard of the spray thrown up by the poor drainage of the concrete surface. As earth moving and road development equipment will be present for 15 months, please, will you use your influence to press for the resurfacing of that stretch of road at the same time? There is, of course, a further question, Why is this scheme taking priority over resolving the Tedburn danger spot? More simply, why not close off the Tedburn gap and route the traffic either over the Cheriton flyover or along the old road from Exeter. Then there would be more than sufficient funding available to tackle the noise pollution. Picking up on Stephen Ladyman?s guff ? just how will the Whiddon Down scheme benefit the local economy? Welmoed Perrin Glebe House South Tawton