Gulworthy Primary School hosted the first primary schools girls’ football tournament of the school year organised by Okehampton Community Recreation Association.

Year 4, 5 and 6 girls from Horrabridge Primary School (five teams), St Peter’s Junior School and Tavistock Primary and Gulworthy Primary School took part on what was a very misty October morning.

Result of pool 1 was – 1, Horrabridge A, 2, Horrabridge C, 3, St Peter’s, 4, Horrabridge E.

Pool 2 result was –1, Horrabridge B, 2, Tavistock, 3, Gulworthy, 4, Horrabridge D.

Horrabridge A & B then played for the gold and silver medals, with the A team coming out on top by 3 goals to 0.

See this week’s Times for more pictures