A WIDOW from Tavistock has written her second book of her own poetry which she sells in aid of a cancer charity in memory of her husband.

Shirley Gill’s compilation is called Thoughts That Came Into My Head volumee two and is on sale at £5 with all proceeds going to cancer research after her husband Phil died of oesophageal cancer in 2022.

Her first book generated over £400, despite only having one outlet in the pannier market and she is hoping the second will be as succssful.

She said writing helped her get through the grief of losing her husband and in the process hopes to make people laugh or think more deeply about something: “Every penny from the sale of my small book of my poetry goes to cancer research in memory of my darling husband Phil. He had oesophageal cancer and was very brave during his illness. He had other things wrong with him as well, but he never complained. I miss him so much. We were married for 55 years. They were full of love and laughter. We have two children, boy and a girl, their partners and grandchildren and recently a grandson, which Phil would have loved.” Shirley has thanked all her friends and family for supporting her during her grief in one of her poems. Another reflects on how time has flown by and the ageing effects of time, such as memory loss and the loss of dear friends – but says she is grateful that she still has her beloved Phil in her head and looks forward to the time when she will be reunited with him ‘when her time finally comes’.

She also writes about her new grandson Samuel in an adoring but cheeky way and even writes about the‘animal magnetism’ possessed by rock’n’roll legend Elvis, advises someone missing their two-timing lover to forget them and suggests we take David Attenborough seriously before it’s too late’.