The four-legged residents of The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon are being treated to 'lollipops' to help keep them cool during the current spell of hot weather. 

 Not only do the frozen enrichment treats help cool them down, but they also provide a valuable form of enrichment. Donkeys love exploring, and this activity allows them to exhibit their natural foraging behaviours – a key factor in improving donkey welfare. 

 The ‘lollipops’ are made using a variety of ingredients with different smells to make it more interesting for the donkeys, including grated carrots in frozen water and flavoured tea or cordial, with added hazel leaves and apples.

Lisa Cooke, Woods Farm Supervisor said: “We like to go above and beyond for our donkeys during the hot weather to try to make them more comfortable.

“Our dedicated staff make up the frozen treats with varied ingredients to encourage the donkeys to try out different flavours. The ‘lollies’ are then placed in shaded areas around the yards and fields, which encourages the donkeys’ natural foraging behaviour while also keeping them cool.”

It is also very important that the donkeys have clean drinking water and access to shelter so they can get out of the hot sun.