THE grand firework display by the Lions Club of Tavistock will take place on Saturday, November 3 in the Meadows — and this year will have a flying theme including a celebration of 100 years of the RAF.

The event is run by the club as a community service and not as a fundraiser, but due to increases in the various costs involved, the club had to slightly adjust the entrance charges to compensate.

The cost for this year’s display will be nearly £4,000.

The health and safety of everybody at the event is of paramount importance for the club, which works in close co-operation with the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service. Glenn Arundel, station commander for Tavistock, said: ‘The letting off of fireworks by inexperienced people in their own back garden with young children about can be extremely dangerous as in many instances it is impossible to maintain the correct safety distance.

‘We would always strongly recommend that people go to official displays such as the one organised by the Lions where you can see a spectacular display and where everything possible is done to ensure everybody’s safety.’

The organisers ask that pet owners ensure that their animals are well looked after and in a safe place and that people coming to the display leave their own fireworks, including sparklers, at home so as to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

For safety reasons, entrance to the event will be from the college end of the Meadows only.

There will be a Lions’ barbecue and hot drinks available.

The club expressed thanks to the Tavistock Town Council for allowing use of the Meadows.

Full details on entry prices and timings see the Times next week (November 1) or visit