BRENTOR now has a place in the Dartmoor Trust's First World War Exhibition.

The 'Life on Dartmoor during the First World War Exhibition' describes through words and pictures the impact of the war on Dartmoor's communities.

The additional display, set up by the Brentor Living Archive, highlights the disputes that occurred between those who put on uniform to fight and the farmers who struggled to feed the nation despite German U boats attempting to cut off the island.

The exhibition shows the considerable progress of the group's research, highlighting many interesting facts about how the war impacted a rural community. It also raises many questions — 'what was the impact on local people?', 'how was it decided to commemorate the fallen?' and 'how did those who survived re-adapt to life at home and how did the families cope?'

The exhibition opened at the National Park Visitor Centre, Princetown, on Saturday (June 13) and is open to the public until Saturday, July 4.