Daring former headteacher Lynnette Selbie, has the seal of approval from her ex-pupils to take a leap into the unknown for charity.

Mrs Selbie, who retired from Tavistock Primary and Nursery School in 2021, went back to school to take assembly and to tell the children that she is skydiving for the NSPCC’s Childline as a 60th birthday challenge.

Mrs Selbie, who lives in Plymouth, said: ‘I must admit to being scared by the idea, but as I told the children, I’m not a runner or a swimmer, but I have always wanted to do something that was a real challenge and I’ve always wanted to do a skydive.

‘It was lovely going back to school. I knew all the children except the youngest and they all said “Mrs Selbie what are you doing here?” and they welcomed the skydive.’

The motivation to support this charity comes from 34 years of working in schools: ‘Sadly, I have had first-hand experience of hearing harrowing accounts from children about how their lives are negatively impacted by adults and it is essential that all children have access to support whenever they need it.’

Childline answers a call from a child every 25 seconds and maintains a 24 hour response for all children in the UK ensuring they are heard, supported and protected. Mrs Selbie’s jump is on Sunday, March 26. She can be sponsored at https://www.justgiving.com/page/lynnette-selbie-1676462927692?utm_term=KKVYnEXaN