Living in the South West we have a close connection with our seascape, writes Mary Johnson

To show their appreciation, Plymouth Philharmonic Choir are offering a wonderful sea-themed soundscape with a concert on Saturday, June 22 at 4pm at the Minster Church of St Andrew in Plymouth.

Andrew Carter’s Horizons sets to music seven sea poems including works by Anne Brontë, Rudyard Kipling and Alfred Tennyson.  

The poets’ experiences of the sea range from holiday visits to the coast, to earning a living from it, to travelling vast expanses of the oceans.  

Their love of the sea’s ever-changing nature, hidden depths, wild fury and calm serenity is portrayed in the vivid imagery used by these writers. The poems provide a parable for life’s journey and beyond.

Charles Villiers Stanford’s Songs of the Sea celebrates many things about the region, not least the weather, in one piece entitled ‘Devon, O Devon, in wind and rain!’, but also our proud naval history.  The legend of Drake’s Drum is retold, such that we can rest easy in our hammocks, knowing he will be on hand in our hour of need.

The choir will be joined by soloists Elinor Chapman (soprano) and Mark Boocock (baritone).  

The choir are also delighted to welcome children from the Fletewood School to sing a selection of sea shanties.

 Further information, together with ticket prices and availability for the concert, can be found on the choir’s website (, Facebook page and online at