DARTMOOR Search and Rescue (DSRT) Tavistock were called by DSRT Okehampton at 8pm on Friday, May 6, to assist in a search for an at risk 85-year-old male.

The team were already on duty when the call came in, setting up base in Willsworthy Camp, ready to provide safety cover for Ten Tors 2016.

The car of the 85-year-old male had been found abandoned on a bridleway north of Meldon reservoir and there were concerns for his safety.

As members from both DSRT Tavistock and DSRT Okehampton teams were required for Ten Tors duty on Saturday morning, it was decided to call in additional assets from Exmoor and DSRT Ashburton to help.

Cornwall and Plymouth teams were put on standby to continue in the morning.

In spite of an extensive search by foot teams, search dogs and police helicopter the subject was not located until daylight hours of Saturday morning. He was taken by ambulance for medial assessment.

After just a few hours rest, team members were back on Dartmoor monitoring Ten Tors 2016 and assisting some participants who had suffered minor injuries and heat-related problems.