There was disappointment for the West Devon Tories today as they lost six seats in the borough council following the results of yesterday's local election.

However, the Green Party celebrated as it took seats from the Tories, meaning the party now holds a total of five seats, up from its previous two seats in the council.

In a shock win, Bere Ferrers voted in its first Labour councillor in over 20 years while the Liberal Democrats took seats in Okehampton North and Tavistock North.

The number of independent councillors remains similar, with only a loss of two seats.

Two seats are yet to be declared as Burrator ward's election did not go ahead due to the death of one of its candidates. Burrator voters will be able to cast their vote later in the year.

The West Devon results reflect the national picture with the Tories suffering losses and gains for Labour, the Lib Dems and Green Party across England.


2019 Election (excluding Burrator)

2023 Election (excluding Burrator)


17 seats

11 seats


0 seats

1 seat


12 seats

10 seats

Green Party

2 seats

5 seats

Liberal Democrats

0 seats

2 seats