The Tavistock team of Dartmoor Search and Rescue are on the hunt for new members to join them.

The service is on the hunt for people to join them who love Dartmoor, are fit and healthy and enjoy working in a team.

Training officer Alistair Red said: ‘We’re a team comprised of lots of different age groups, ranging from 20s up to 70s. The mimumum age is 18.

‘Primarily, applicants need to be capable of developing good teamwork skills, which in turn then help with so many other skills such as communication, medical and navigation. These latter skills would be helpful to have when joining but are also there to be learned when on the job.

‘Reasonable fitness is important but of course you don’t need to be an ultra marthon runner or anything extreme. We go out in all weathers all year round, carrying stretchers and equipment or climbing and scaling heights, sometimes for a long time. There are many transferrable skills from sports, such as biking, climbing, kayaking or any water-based skills.

‘If you have a good local knowledge of the area too, that will certainly help.

‘We’ve had people of all backgrounds join the team: ex-military, healthcare professionals, those who have been in the police, teachers and those from a range of other local industries.

‘A good number of applications have come in so far from some very talented and qualified people. It’s very encouraging to see.’

The recruitment team has also stressed that whilst the role can be demanding, it comes with many benefits too.

Alastair said: ‘You always have to be prepared for anything – you never know what situation you’re going into and no two call outs are ever the same. We’re tasked by the emergency services. As soon as we know someone is in trouble, then comes the need to respond quickly. Sometimes things can be simple but at other times, our intervention can literally make the difference in turning a bad outcome into a good one. There have been many searches in my time and it is worth all the training when you work together. There’s a huge sense of reward and satisfation after recovering someone who needed our help.’

Applications are open to those in the Tavistock and surrounding area(s), however Alistair stressed that the further away someone is based, this can potentially reduced effectivity in responding rapidly to alerts and call outs and therefore recommends not applying if you are located more than 30 minutes away from the area. The team work in tandem with those in Okehampton, Ashburton and Plymouth, and applications may be passed on accordingly.

Alastair said: ‘We’re delighted to receive applications from those who think they have the skills or those which could be developed and would like to help their community.’

If you are interested, head to: to download an application form by the closing date of Thursday, December 1. If you are interested but don’t feel as though you coul commit full time, you join the team’s supporters club and help us volunteer at various events which are run throughout the year at: