CARING Oscar Ferris has raised more than £600 to make Christmas special for housebound residents by climbing Mount Snowdon.

Oscar, 12, has been so inspired by his mother’s work for a care provider that he offered to spend a day of his summer holiday climbing up and down the 1,085 metres (or 25,000 steps in total) North Wales peak in aid of clients and other vulnerable people.

The funds will be spent on compiling hampers and providing Christmas meals for people who would otherwise be on their own without anyone to give them a traditional day.

Oscar’s mumm Emma, office manager and carer for Devon and Cornwall Care in Tavistock, said: “Oscar has done an amazing thing. It was all his idea to help us help residents who would miss out on Christmas that we all expect. The company already helps our clients and other vulnerable people have a better Christmas and I speak about my work a lot at home and he comes into the office. All the staff know him. And he decided he would climb Snowdon because we go to North Wales every year as a family and he knew very well what the challenge would be.

“ very proud of him and so are all the family. We climbed to the top with him, that’s me and his grandad and nanna. He was very good and didn’t complain much at all. The only thing was that it was foggy at the top, which was a bit disappointing. But on the way down it all cleared and we had wonderful views, but it did get hotter. Oscar’s only problem is going down any hill when he hurts his knees because he doesn’t bend his legs properly and it jars him. I know how hard it was. Although there’s a path, it’s not all the way and there’s a lot of clambering over large rocks.”

Oscar was rewarded with a ‘very weak shandy’ when they stopped at the tourist bar on the way down after a 2.5-hgour climb. He said: “It was quite hard, but it was cold on the way up and there was mist at the top. I had to try hard when it was rocky

Oscar went to North Wales with his brother Sebastian, ten, sister Matilda, three, and husband Mark go on holiday to North Wales, which they do He said: “I was really looking forward to going up Snowdon and I enjoyed and got a lot satisfaction from doing it and for helping people. I was really pleased at how much money I raised. I did it to help the people who mum’s company works with. Many don’t have families to keep them company or to cook for them. So the staff give them presents every year and I want to help by asking people if they can donate items to make Christmas more fun for them and so they see somebody and feel loved. I really like riding my bike, and going on Dartmoor with my family. So I asked if I could walk up Snowdon and help clients at the same time.”

Oscar’s money, which included sponsors from his school at Tavistock College and JK Electrics, is raising money and appealing for items to be included in Christmas hampers and hot meals

Company director and care manager, said: “I think Oscar’s amazing. We all do who waork here. We are all very proud of him and what he’s done as a young lad. It’s a great achievement for anyone, let alone someone so young. And to have a definite idea and commitment to helping others is so impressive.

“He’s very much in the know about what his mum does and we do as a company and spends a lot of time here waiting for his mum to take him home and learns and lot and has a lot of empathy. He’s raised suhc a lot of money which will all go into collating and packing Chirstmas hampers. We have many clients ourselves and there are other housebound residents for whom Christmas will be made special by Oscar’s kindness.

“We also make Christmas dinner for our clients and anyone else deserving in Tavistock and further afield. We then deliver it to their homes on Christmas Eve, so they have it ready to be heated on Christmas Day.

“We know our clients and what they like and how they will be spending Christmas. We also know how important Christmas is to some people and even if people are on their own, which is likely if they are our older clients, then they might have family to visit them. But if they don’t then we do our very best to make sure they aren’t alone and that they know we are thinking of them.

“They can’t get out and they probably live on their own, so to have a hamper with treats or a hot festive meal will be the highlight of their day. We can’t thank Oscar enough.

“Last Christmas he helped us wrap the little gifts we gave clients, so he knows all about us trying to make Christmas an extra bit special for the older people who will be alone then.”

Anyone wanting to help Oscar’s challenge or to suggest anyone needing a Christmas meal can call 01822 610734.