A CAMPAIGNER for improved bus services in Tavistock has presented a petition to support his claim that the routes are failing to meet passenger’s needs.

Graham Parker, a former West Devon Borough councillor, presented his petition with about 300 signatories to Tavistock Town Council last week.

His and petitioners’ main concerns are buses serving Whitchurch and school bus links to Plymouth. He is also calling on Devon County Council (DCC) to relinquish control of bus routes and delegate to West Devon Borough Council.

Other demands include: Improving services through Whitchurch (the 86 and 89 — formerly a single 89 service), increase the amount of money promised by developers to fund bus and other public services serving particular new housing estates and a commitment to a reliable service from Tavistock to Plymouth which are used by students of the boys and girls Devonport high schools (This was served by the now scrapped Plymouth Citybus 104 and 105.).

Graham said the town council has agreed to support his petition’s requests and to set up a sub-committee to co-ordinate the town’s approach to both the buses and the protest against DCC’s plan to ‘impose’ on-street parking charges in the town centre. Graham said the town council was planning a public meeting to help resolve the bus issues. He will present the petition to the borough council in December and seek support in presenting a united two-council front to present a case to DCC for improving bus services.