Villagers on the Bere peninsula are preparing for a month of traffic congestion and diversions during the summer as roadworks close roads temporarily.

Bere Alston residents and visitors, will be especially affected when the B3257 is closed between Tavistock Cross to Orestock Kennels, meaning the only way to the village is via the notoriously narrow Denham Bridge which also has a weight restriction.

Devon County Highways has said the work is essential to comprehensively resurface the road, rather than patch potholes which can be temporary.

It is understood the B3257 works will allow HGV lorries though, to avoid using Denham Bridge.

A summary of road closure dates which will be affecting those using the peninsula:

B3257 Orestock's to Tavistock Cross (Denham Junction) Monday 14 to Thursday, August 24.

Crowndale Road will be affected on Friday, July 21 to Tuesday, July 25 and from Saturday, August 5 to Wednesday, August 9, for top dressing and again on Saturday, August 12, again for top dressing.

The B3257 will also be affected from Mile Level/Straight Orestock's to Gulworthy from Monday, August 7 to Friday, August 11, and from Thursday, September 7 to Monday, September 11.

This work will also go out to Chipshop from Tuesday, August 8 to Saturday, August 12.

Work will also take place on Denham Bridge Road from Friday, September 15 to Monday, September 18.

Any issues can be raised with Devon Highways on 0345 155 1004.