STAFF from Barclays Bank spent a day painting a mural in the milking parlour at Nethercott House in Iddesleigh as part of a volunteering day out of the office helping local good causes.

The 12 members of Barclays’ South West split into two teams at the centre run by charity Farms for City Children to offer holidays for children from urban areas.

One group painted the garden machinery shed while the other painted a mural of Iddesleigh village in the milking parlour.

Farm school manager Tim Rose said: ‘It was a pleasure to have such an enthusiastic group of bankers working so hard on our behalf.

‘As well as painting the farm machinery shed, they also painted a mural in the milking parlour which has brightened it up considerably.

‘We are incredibly grateful to them for spending a day with us and hope they will join us again.’

Nicola Rapson, from Barclays, said: ‘We are delighted to have been able to assist the charity in giving our time to paint the garden machinery shed and brighten up the milking parlour with the mural and would like to thank everyone who supported us to make this happen.

‘Alongside our Shared Growth Ambition, Barclays encourages us to get involved in the causes we care about. It’s about giving back our skills, time and energy to support our local communities – so we’re thrilled to have been involved.’