THE?Tavistock-based Stannary Brass Band was formed in 1995 by a group of musicians who wanted to get together to play more interesting music and more enjoyable pieces than if they played on their own.

The band is a registered charity and has enjoyed the support of local businesses and local audiences enabling the band to raise thousands of pounds for local good causes. 

Stannary also regularly hosts concerts, takes part in parades such as Tavistock Carnival and performs in the street for Dickensian Evening.

Young euphonium player, Chris, a regular conductor of the training band, said: ‘Despite all this support we worry that members of the public do not understand who we are and are afraid to get involved. Learning an instrument isn’t as difficult as you may believe; all it takes is an attempt.

‘Whilst some amazing prodigies start off at three years old, you don’t have to start then. There would be no band if that was a requirement. Most have started out much later but have still got the same, if not more, enjoyment out of playing.

‘Even our musical director didn’t start playing an instrument from a very young age. However, if you want to start young or want your children, grandchildren or whoever to join in, you all can.

‘We are a family-friendly music group which encompasses all ages with the youngest at the moment at eight years old.’

Parents who want to play in the band but don’t know what to do with their children can take them with them. They can join in at the same time and visa versa.

If you can already play a brass instrument the band would love you to join in to increase the size and skill-set of our band.

‘If you don’t think you’re good enough? I would say of course you are, everyone has the potential,’ added Chris.

‘If you don’t know if you can play a brass instrument? — try blowing a raspberry! We provide free tuition on how to turn that raspberry into something Sinatra would be proud of and also a free loan of an instrument to do this on!

‘We have instruments ranging in size from a tiny soprano cornet to the immense Bb tuba. So we’re sure there’s something to fit you and that you’ll have a great time playing.’

In line with the band’s ethos to engage the community, members invite people to go and join them on Wednesday nights in Wortham Hall, at Mount House, Tavistock.

The training band starts at 6pm and senior band starts at 7.30pm, finishing at 9.15pm.

Stannary will be running a recruitment event in the town centre on Saturday for anyone to come and talk to members about it and to have a go on a range of instruments.

See the advert on our arts pages for more information.