A Wetherspoon establishment would not lower the tone of town

Wednesday 5th November 2014 12:00 am

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I READ with interest John Taylor's comments regarding J D Wetherspoon's proposed alterations to the former Queen's Hotel building. I would question if Mr Taylor is familiar with Wetherspoon establishments, as to imply that West Street would become a Union Street is at the very least misguided. From my experience of visiting a number of their premises around the country, including in market towns similar to Tavistock, it would be misleading to suggest that such an establishment would lower the tone of the area. While it is important to protect the heritage of town, this must be balanced with keeping the town vibrant. Although selling food and drink at affordable prices, this does not go hand in hand with attracting the wrong kind of clientele. It is my belief that some may currently avoid the town centre of a weekend evening and it is more likely J D Wetherspoon would appeal to all. M D Perkin Whitchurch I MUST say I am completely baffled by the views of John Taylor regarding the proposed Wetherspoons development of Browns Hotel. Mr Taylor apparently wishes to see Tavistock become a barren town, catering to the upper classes only. Perhaps he could tell me where else in my town I will be able to dine with my family and receive good quality fair at reasonable prices? Or maybe it is simply a case of 'not on my doorstep'as I believe properties near the proposed development are owned by Mr Taylor? However, I would also ask why, when consultation with the public was closed on October 9, was Mr Taylor allowed to approach the council on October 21?   This town is dying, and the plans committee has rejected this proposal on grounds other than planning regulations — 'a gross overdevelopment' that falls within all the planning requirements is still a legal development! Please try to remember that not everybody who lives in Tavistock can afford to eat and drink in the town given the London prices we are expected to pay currently. Maybe Mr Taylor would like to live on my income for a month and see how the other 2/3 of Tavistock lives. Michael Taynton Chillaton

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