DEVON and Cornwall Police would like to thank members of the public who reported an illegal rave at Haldon Forest in the early hours of Sunday, February 12. 

Police teams responded to reports of an unlicensed music event near the A38 where approximately 250 to 300 people were in attendance for what was believed to have been arranged on social media as a “Valentine’s Rave”.

Two sets of speaker equipment were seized and by 3am the event had been shut down.

Due to the intoxication and substance misuse on site, road checkpoints remained in place all night to ensure nobody was driving under the influence or putting other road users in danger when leaving the site.

One arrest was made for drink/drug driving offences.

Devon and Cornwall Police Acting Chief Inspector Steve Philp said: “Due to the swift and professional response of our officers, the event was safely wound up by 3am.

“The area had been completely cleared by the early afternoon on Sunday. A potentially difficult situation was resolved quickly and peacefully.

“Illegal raves are not just a nuisance to local communities by playing loud music, blocking roads and littering the area, but they are a danger to those who attend too.

“The remote locations are often not suitable for large scale gatherings, and with no medical teams on site the potential for harm for attendees is high when combined with alcohol and illegal substances.”

Although the police were quick to respond to the rave, locals in Chudleigh and surrounding areas reported that noise and disturbance continued well into Sunday. Dog walkers and horse riders also found a large amount of litter spread scattered across the forest.