Cotehele Quay Gig Club competed to the best of their ability in the first big gig rowing event of the year: Three Rivers, writes Emily Bolton.

A 10km race starting at the Tamar Bridge, rowing up to where the Tamar and Tavy River meets and finishing after turning where the Tamar and Lyhner meet.

Hosted by Caradon Gig Club, the 45-minute-to-one-hour race is an endurance event loved or hated by our club members.

All crews that were fielded did the club proud; for some members, it was their first three rivers!

Especially Kane and Freyja who have moved from juniors to competitive – well done to both of you.

The results from the day were as follows: Ladies’ A 8th/70, Men’s A 11th/70, Ladies’ B 49th/70 and Men’s B 51st/70.

The committee and club as a whole are very excited with the start of the season going so well and are now building back stronger for the world championships, held on the Isles of Scilly at the end of April.