TAVISTOCK boxer Daniil Maidanskyi travelled the short distance to Plymouth's Life Centre to face Fin O'Neil of the hosting Intense Boxing Club. 

This was Danny's eagerly-awaited third time in the ring, previously boxing last month. Improvements had been made since his last unsuccessful showing and a more confident athlete entered the ring. 

In the first round Danny moved to the back foot but soon advanced using some good footwork and relying on a straight punch combination. Good progress was made in the gym on his footwork and his punching fluency was improved. Some overhand right punches caught O'Neil and at just over a minute he was given a standing eight count.

Round two started with O'Neil showing a more determined approach and some pressure had Danny moving back once again, though his straight punches had the desired effect and he was able to apply his own pressure effectively. O'Neil was given another standing eight count in the closing seconds of the round after taking a combination of punches when backed onto the ropes.

The third round started with O'Neil, who probably knew he was behind on points, coming out in a good effort to salvage the bout. His initial attack was weathered and the round became a war of attrition as both boxers fought off fatigue. Good work came from Danny but it was now sporadic and the advantage was not pressed home.

The result was a points win for Danny in his preparation for Tavistock's show this Saturday, where focus will be on his durability.