Cutting bills with the Carbon Saving Group

Solar panels
Solar panels (Carbon Saving Group)

For a typical household using a direct debit, most customers have seen their monthly payments increase by at least £67 in the last year.

Tom Read of Carbon Saving Group has said “Solar Panels need to be seen as an long term investment, to cut your carbon footprint by generating your own clean electricity and not just a way to reduce electricity bills”.  

A roof area of 10-20 square meters will deliver between 20-45% of a typical household electrical needs and around one tonne of carbon per year*.

At Carbon Saving Group we look at the individual needs of our customers, we discuss not only the Panel and Inverter system but also potential other products that would be appropriate such as Battery storage,  Air Source Heat Pumps, Underfloor heating, Zappi car charging or iBoost / Eddi diverter system. As a MCS certified company customers can also benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme earning from surplus electricity generated.

Thomas Read concludes, ‘2023 is definitely the year to embrace renewable energy for the home’. 

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*statistics taken from Energy Savings Hub

Warmth with style at Tavistock Stoves

Tavistock Stoves (Tavistock Stoves)

Whilst we are in the midst of summer, probably the last thing on your mind is your household heating! However, now is a great time, whilst it is a quieter time in the industry, to either be thinking about repairs/maintenance on your current stove or buying a new one!  

We were extremely busy selling & installing wood & multifuel stoves last year due to the ‘cost of living crisis’ as our customers decided to install these stoves into their properties so they were not reliant on heating their property with the high cost of electric or gas. The word around the industry is that this trend will continue into this heating season, so we are expecting another busy time ahead of us.  

To beat the rush, pop into our showroom to have a look at the stoves we have on display and discuss your requirements with us, or alternatively give us a call for an initial chat over the phone. We can then arrange for our surveyor to visit your property to do a full survey.  

If you have a stove which is in need of some ‘TLC’, we sell maintenance products such as rope, replacement glass & fire bricks to get your stove ready for the heating season. If you don’t want to do this yourself, we offer a repair service, where we can either come to your property or bring the door into us and we can give it a ‘makeover’! 

Alternatively, we do also sell gas and electric stoves! Technology is evolving all the time with these stoves, so again, pop into our showroom where you can see the latest models on display. 

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Find inspiration at Cabana Interiors

Cabana Interiors
Cabana Interiors (Cabana Interiors)

At Cabana Interiors we strive to inspire you with different, beautiful products for your home that are not mass produced but are special, unique, of quality and, above all, affordable!  There really is something for everyone with great gifts starting from as low as £6. We take pride in our careful sourcing and like to offer new items regularly so the stock is forever changing.  Pop in to engage all your senses and see why we have been affectionally named the “Ooh Aah" shop!

Come and try our premium quality, blissful comfort sofas in exquisite Italian top-end leathers and fabrics.  

The contemporary low back Bellissima is in-store in the most beautiful blue/grey leather with a roomy one seat cushion and back seat cushion.  Several size options available.  

The Supremo, with its high back, arriving imminently is also available as a recliner.  

They both have that incredible sink in comfy dreamy sit.  The smell of the leather is divine and the touch sublime. You’ll be asleep in no time!

Our ‘forever’ dining table with a solid oak chunky top comes with a variety of options, sizes and finishes so can be ordered to your chosen preferences.  Team this with our colourful, very comfy top quality leather Calypso dining chairs.  We are delighted how brave our customers are by ordering these in different colours.

We are open seven days a week, well behaved dogs welcome and we like to think we are super friendly, approachable and helpful. We do like a chat.

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The same exceptional service from the Carpet Centre

The Carpet Centre
The Carpet Centre (The Carpet Centre)

Due to changing trends our physical store is closing. However, we are delighted to continue providing our exceptional services to meet your flooring needs.
Our dedicated team, established for almost 40 years, is still offering its excellent level of service, and are available to assist you in selecting your perfect flooring, answering your questions, and arranging quotes and installations.

We offer consultations by phone and email, where we can guide you through our extensive collection and provide personalised recommendations.

Additionally, we provide convenient doorstep sample deliveries so you can see and feel the quality of our flooring in the comfort of your own home, plus this can be done at the same time as we measure and quote, saving you precious time.

All of our suppliers, installers and guarantees remain the same, ensuring you receive our same consistently high quality products as before.

Contact us on our website here by email here or give us a call to experience our outstanding service during this dynamic time. We look forward to helping you enhance your living space with beautiful flooring.