THE ongoing success of the Gunnislake Festival depends on a good turn-out at the annual meeting each year and organisers are hoping numbers will be high on November 8. Pressures on the organisers have increased in line with the event?s popularity and more recruits are needed to ensure its continued success and to prevent the existing committee from burning out! Gunnislake Public Hall will host the annual meeting which begins at 7.30pm. Many people in the village already contribute to the festival atmosphere with the fabulous flower displays and ingenious scarecrows. There is live music in the pubs, an art and embroidery exhibition and last year a local history exhibition and many stalls. Anyone who is willing to spare some time to volunteer can help with the many tasks from making the tea to putting up posters and the bunting, carrying tables and transporting display boards. An hour or two would be much appreciated and organisers would love to see new volunteers at the meeting.