The air was full of baaaaaaing and ooooohs and aaaaaahs as Greenwell Farm in Yelverton opened its doors to the public to be charmed by new-born lambs.

Lambing week with Billy Cole at Greenwell Farm

The maternity pens were full of unsteady lambs and their protective mothers as groups and families queued to be charmed by the newcomers to the flock.

Greenwell Farm lambing

Bev Brown, sister of farmer Matt Cole, said: “We’re opening up the maternity unit and lambing shed to help people understand how important sheep are to the landscape and how ewe look after the welfare of our animals.

Greenwell lambing

“We breed different types of sheep who have characteristics which make them suited to inland or upland landscapes. we’re telling the public what we’re doing and why, so they appreciate the role that animals have on our landscape.”

Greenwell farm lambing opens to the public

The lambing week is fully booked.

Lambs are easy to hug! (Photo supplied)

Hugs are optional, but very much appreciated by all involved!

Here's looking at you, kid (Photo supplied)

And here’s looking at you, kid!