TO enrich the experience of fresh air enthusiasts, West Devon Borough Council is set to launch a collection of unique podcast guides for its Drakes Trail walking and cycling routes.

Some examples of the podcasts – inspired by year 9 students of Tavistock College - will be played to an expectant audience on Thursday, March 5, at Buckland Abbey.

The year 9 students will be at the Abbey prior to the launch trying to master the essential skill of unicycling, assisted by Pete Wintercrane of BigTop Mania.

Those that master the craft may choose to show off their new found skills when they are joined by selected guests.

The project was created to take advantage of a simple technology that can vastly improve visitors' experience to the area, but only got off the ground thanks to the funding from the Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund and the expertise of project partners Aune Head Arts.

Phil Baker, Drake's Trail project officer said: 'There is no better way of getting to know an area than through the soles of your feet and now walkers and cyclists can download episodes packed full of information about the many and varied layers of history hidden in West Devon.

'Digital music players are everywhere and we thought it would be great if visitors could use them to enhance their enjoyment of the area.

'These podcasts give people the freedom to take a guided tour of West Devon whenever they want and they come away with a deeper appreciation of our stunning surroundings."

Aune Head Art's Richard Povall said: "The podcasts include information and music contemporary to the time of Sir Francis Drake's life at Buckland Abbey, tales of the building of long-disused railways from Princetown to Plymouth, the making of Burrator Reservoir and stories from when there was an active airfield at Harrowbeer during WWII.

'This project has really made history come alive for the students."

The podcasts are currently available at"> and will also be available on a specific Drakes Trail website later this spring.