PARENTS, students, business leaders and community representatives were among those gathered together at Okehampton College last Friday to discuss a vision for the next five years of the school. Acting principal Daryl Chapman explained the way the ?Our Vision, Your Vision? day was structured: ?The day was split into three sessions; first, looking at where we are at the present time, second, the blue sky thinking, and thirdly, a session with Phil Norrey, Devon?s director of education, giving the LEA perspective. ?It was a very important day and gave a chance to gain the views and opinions of stakeholders,? he said. ?We are not expecting a mission statement to come out of this, but it?s all part of developing ideas.? Mr Chapman said the college had enjoyed considerable success in the past few years, but this project was aiming to take ideas from as many different perspectives as possible to look at how everyone could play their part in beginning to shape the vision for the college over the next five years. The day followed the issuing of questionnaires to students, parents and staff earlier this term asking for opinions on a variety of issues.