YOUNG footballers from a West Devon village are inspiring youngsters from the other side of the world by donating their players’ strip.

Horrabridge Rangers Sports Association is spreading the joy of football through the charitable donation of the distinctive orange and black striped shirts to needy communities in South Africa.

Ian Mulholland, secretary of HRSA, said: “I am proud to share the heartwarming story of our recent charitable initiative to make a difference in the lives of young football enthusiasts in South Africa by donating old football kits, creating a lasting impact on local communities.”

The club began the project with seven football kits and through the support and contributions from donors nationwide HRSA collected 25 football kits which were sent to various locations in South Africa: “The kits have found new homes which have sparked joy and excitement among those who received them.”

The first kits went to the Thula Thula private game reserve which engages with neighboring communities, including sport and education. HRSA had previously supported this by donating school supplies.

Ian said: ”Fifteen sets of football kits were handed over to Thula Thula, where they were distributed to eager young players.

A recent mini football tournament organised by the reserve for village teams several villages included our kits being presented to other more teams.

The remainder of the kits will be prizes for future tournaments, fostering a sense of achievement and teamwork among the teams involved.”

HRSA kits went to villages around Mafithini: “The children’s joy and gratitude upon receiving the matching kits were immeasurable.The third place we extended our support to was through the charity called Wild Tomorrow which shares our values of community involvement and engages with local schools. We were thrilled to provide them with four sets of football kits, reaching even more young hearts in need.”

Ian added: “As Horrabridge Rangers Sports Association, we are humbled by the chance to contribute to this global connection through the power of football.

“Our charitable donation of football kits to South Africa has been an immensely rewarding experience. Witnessing the smiles and happiness on the faces of these young players has reinforced our belief in the positive impact sports can have on individuals and communities.

“We are grateful to everyone who has helped and hope to keep making a difference in the lives of others through future initiatives.”

For further information on HRSA or sponsorship please message Ian Mulholland, HRSA club secretary, via email [email protected] or mobile 07764 983441.