FARMERS from across Cumberland to Cornwall flocked to Westpoint Arena to trade, share ideas and compete in the prestigious livestock competitions at Agrifest today.

Watch as Deborah Cunstance-Baker, Event Chair explains the show and what it's all about.

Deborah Cunstance-Baker said: 'Agrifest is the winter prime stock show of the Devon County Show, so all our wonderful farmers from across the country come here to exhibit their animals and god it makes me proud to be British, to see the very high level of animals here today.

'We've got 170 cattle and 45 sheep, all looking in their prime. We've got farmers from Carlile, from Ireland, from the bottom end of Cornwall, all over the place, and they've all come up to support the show. It's really wonderful.

'As well as exhibiting, we've got the end product, we've got a steak, burger and sausage competition as well, so the taste of this produce is also really important.

'Then we've got a speakers corner as well, which has got various different topics, including Devon County Council on grant funding, also the future of farmland.'

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