REGARDING the inaccurate and factually incorrect content of the letter from Mary Tavy Jubilee Group, published in last week's Times, reference Mary Tavy Parish Council and the bus shelter at Mary Tavy.

This is very concerning given that two of the four trustees of the Jubilee Group are former parish councillors and would be aware of the situation which led to the use of Devon County Council money for the shelter.

The facts are that some five years ago the parish council was requested by Devon County Council to adopt the bus shelter, as there was a wish to reduce their responsibility for upkeep on those they owned.

The parish council agreed to adopt, subject to the bus shelter being brought up to an acceptable standard of repair, so as not to lead to an unnecessary expense for the parish in the near future.

Unfortunately, due to various changes at County Hall the proposal stalled and despite valiant efforts by Cllr Christine Marsh, county councillor at the time, agreement on the monies needed was not forthcoming, therefore adoption was shelved by the parish council.

In the late spring of 2013 a member of the Jubilee Group approached the parish council requesting that the shelter be painted and offered to organise the work.

The parish council agreed to contact Devon County Council because of concerns over ownership and insurance issues, for which the parish council did not want to be held responsible, should there be any kind of litigation issues in the future.

Following contact with Devon County Council, it was decided by councillors to try and resurrect the original proposal, whereby the shelter would be brought up to an acceptable standard of repair, to enable adoption by the parish council without undue cost to the parish.

This has now been achieved and thanks must go to Cllr Kevin Ball, county councillor for his part in bringing the proposal to fruition.

Cllr Terry Pearce


Mary Tavy Parish Council

Ward Member, West Devon Borough Council