North and Tavistock search and rescue teams were called out on late Saturday afternoon to help with a girl training for an expedition.

The teams helped with the evacuation of the girl training for Ten Tors, who was suffering from a medical condition and could walk no further.

Members from both teams deployed onto the moor in deteriorating weather conditions as darkness closed from about 5.15pm.

The casualty was examined by a team doctor and then packaged in an insulated casualty bag for evacuation by stretcher. This was carried out over difficult terrain in driving rain and thick mist.

The rest of the youngsters were escorted to a Land Rover at the head of the Rattlebrook peat railway track and were driven to the Fox and Hounds at Lydford for onward transportation.

The casualty and members of the stretcher party were collected at the same track head and transported by Land Rovers back to the rendezvous point where she was handed over to the care of South Western Ambulance Service personnel at 12.50 Sunday morning.

This was described as a successful outcome to a joint-team deployment.

While the Tavistock team was involved in the Lydford incident, the police called Dartmoor Search and Rescue teams at 11:27pm to search for a group of four teenage lads who were on a training walk across the moor, from Postbridge to Little Mis Tor.

They had not arrived at their proposed camp site and their last known position was above the weir on the West Dart.

Members of the Tavistock team not already deployed, were tasked, with colleagues from DSRT Plymouth to search the lads’ planned route as well as those alternatives that may have been taken to avoid crossing the swollen river.

Tavistock Dartmoor Search and Rescue team
(Dartmoor Search and Rescue, Tavstock team)

Fresh personnel were called in to continue the search at first light, and the missing youngsters were located at 8am, safe and well.

They had done the right thing and camped when night time conditions drew in.

This was judged another happy outcome on the same night, thanks to a prolonged joint-team effort. The Two Bridges Hotel was thanked for providing refreshments in the middle of the night.