A KEEN weather watcher was delighted when his striking photograph of sunrise over Dartmoor hit the national morning news programme.

Andy Hughes pulled back his curtains after getting out of bed one morning to see a gloriously colourful glow on the moorland horizon.

Thinking fast, he snapped away with his mobile phone and uploaded it to the BBC website from where it was picked up by the BBC Breakfast weather presenters as their main image to illustrate the day’s forecast.

Credited as being from ‘Andy, of Tavistock’, the image on the giant studio screen glowed orange over a silhouette of a tor he can see from his home in Wilminstone, on the edge of Tavistock.

He took it at 7.10am and 30 minutes later it was on the weather bulletin.

Andy said: “I was really pleased to see my photo on BBC Breakfast, it looked almost as good on the TV as when I saw it.

“I took the photo as the first thing I did after puling the curtains, in case it disappeared, which it did soon after.

“I then sent it to the Weather Watchers’ page of the BBC website. I’m a member, but I’ve only sent about five reports in five years and this was the best result with millions potentially seeing it while having their breakfast. I took a screenshot of the TV and showed people.

“My friends knew it was me named as Andy, because they know what I do. Only when I sent the screenshot to social media was it also picked up by other groups did more people say they’d seen it and I was messaged and comments were made online and to me directly.

“It can only be good to have Tavistock’s name on the national news for the beauty of its landscape.”