CALSTOCK Parish Council was delighted to present Dorothy Moore from Rising Sun with some flowers to celebrate her 100th birthday last week.

Dorothy has lived in the Rising Sun area of Harrowbarrow since 1974 with her husband Dennis who is 94 and who cares for Dorothy. They married 56 years ago.

Dorothy was born in Plymouth on September 1 1923 and was raised in Saltash as a child.

During World War II she worked in the forces as an Officer Steward at Wembury, just on the coast outside of Plymouth.

Dorothy used to enjoy painting and drawing up until about five years ago when due to sight loss she could no longer see to paint.

To celebrate Dorothy’s 100th birthday on Friday (September 1) neighbours and relatives gathered together and held a party at her house.

Sadly Dorothy out-lived both her sons but has a grandson and two great grandchildren who live in Ivybridge.