TAMAR and Tavy Gig Club took two crews to the Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club in Turnchapel, Plymouth on Saturday to take part in the Eddystone Rowing Challenge — a 40km row from Mountbatten to the lighthouse and back.

This race is a tough mental and physical challenge and the crews have been training hard. It offered the best conditions possible with just a light southerly wind helping on the way back, although the beautiful cloudless sky challenged the crews in terms of heat. Plymouth Sound was full of other vessels coming and going which made it difficult for the coxes to steer a course to the Eddystone.

After a gruelling row both crews succeeded in making it to the lighthouse in under three hours with a round trip of less than six hours. This was a superb achievement and what's more the crew in Ginette won a trophy for the fastest mixed gig crew – the second trophy for the club this year.

In Ginette were Loveday Fethney, Ruth Walker, Cris Parry, Rob Dawe, Fizz Ward and Tricia Stewart coxed by Carolyn Dawe. The second crew took The Belinda O'Flynn on her maiden sea voyage and she did them proud.

The rowers were Paula Haynes-Parry, Julie Rendle, Martin Painter, John Rogers, Penny Twine and Alysia Maciejowska coxed by Jo Cameron. This fibre glass training gig was bought for the club by the Belinda O'Flynn Trust based in Bere Ferrers and has already found a special place in the heart of the club.

n If you would to join the club see its website TamarandTavygigclub.co.uk