Gunnislake biking group ‘The Rising Bikers’ couldn’t be stopped last Saturday as they propelled ahead with their weekly bike ride in spite of the conditions inflicted by Storm Eunice.

Proving their tenacity and determination to get out on their bikes, the group refused to be perturbed by the high winds and rain but kept things as safe as they could by choosing to steer clear of main roads.

Biker Chris Venning said: ‘It was a great ride, even though in a monsoon. Very bracing, invigorating and really social. I really enjoyed it!’

The group was formed at the Rising Sun Inn in Gunnislake at the beginning of the year as an addition or alternative to dry January to get out exercising.

Word soon spread, with information about the group passed through word of mouth around the pub and interest has steadily grown from there.

They all converse together in a WhatsApp group where they pool and discuss ideas and routes, then arrange to meet every Saturday outside the pub at 10am or 11am depending on the chosen route. They are very friendly, welcome those of any and all abilities to join and there is no cost involved.

If you fancy getting out on your bike and joining the group, contact Billy from the pub on [email protected]