YOUNG farmers from Tavistock and the rest of Devon have been attending meetings to discuss the new Single Farm Payments introduced on January 1. It was originally planned to have 20 members of the Devon Federation of Young Farmers form a group to attend the three meetings, but county organiser Nick Creasy said they had exceeded that number without any trouble. He added that he hoped the group would continue to work together long after the meetings had passed ?as they have huge abilities to adapt to the new challenges ahead?. Speakers at the first two meeting included a representative from DEFRA, Chris Faulkner from Andersons Farm Business Consultants and the principal of Bicton College. The third meeting will take the form of a farm visit on February 5, where the more practical side of the changes will be discussed. Anyone wishing to get involved in any YFC activities should contact the Devon YFC centre on 01392 272189.