The Tamar Valley Vineyard, which is set to re-open to the public in May, is providing the opportunity to volunteer by helping with completion of their day-to-day jobs.

Jobs that volunteers are invited to do involve tying in canes, de-budding and canopy reduction in the upcoming months. There is also the chance to glimpse wildlife including buzzards, butterflies and slow-worms. Volunteer days are provisionally planned to take place once a month on a Sunday, with the first having taken place last weekend.

The vineyard itself will re-open with tours on Monday, May 1.

Marcus Williams, who runs the vineyard, said: ‘Right now, our focus is getting the site and the winery ready as everything begins in the spring time. Whilst vines are pruned in the winter to prepare them for growing season now, branches are stuck up in the air and need to be tied down onto the wires. From these canes we get new growth. It’s not taxing work, it’s far more theraputic than anything. We always have people helping throughout the year, it gives people a chance to get out and enjoy nature.

‘We’re still building things up right now. I really want to add more events throughout the year such as open days, like with the brewery in Bere Alston who do tap room events.’

Those interested in participating in a volunteer day are encouraged to regularly check the Facebook page Tamar Valley Vineyard or visit the website at for upcoming dates and email [email protected] to register interest.