A 20MPH speed limit to slow traffic outside Horrabridge Primary School could be expanded further in the village, councillors heard.

The parish council has agreed action is needed after concerns were expressed by parents about cars going too fast along Walkhampton Road where children are crossing and being collected.

Devon County Council, the highways authority has said the road has an ‘advisory’ 20mph limit, which is not law.

The parish council says the speed limit should be statutory and suggested it be applied to most of the village.

Councillors heard at its monthly meeting last week the criteria for having a 20mph limit included having a certain level of recorded accidents, which Horrabridge did not have. Devon County Council highways authority has only agreed four general speed limits in villages recently.

Cllr Mike Huda, parish chairman, said: ‘Although expanding the 20mph speed limit is a good idea, I think the priority is to control traffic to help meet the existing speed limits throughout the village.’

School headteacher John Clark said although he already had a school leaving crossing patrol he would welcome a 20mph limit: ‘It would be particularly beneficial for us at the start and end of the school day when parking can become more congested and children and parents are crossing the road.’

The meeting agreed no village-wide 20mph limit could be introduced without the agreement of the majority of the village in order to ensure compliance. The council agreed to confirm if the parish had been added to a list of authorities which requested a general 20mph limit. Resident consultation would follow.