A group of Sampford Courtenay parishioners and friends embarked on a historical journey on April 14, retracing the steps of the "rebels" of 1549.

The group travelled via Crediton, Exeter, Fenny Bridges, Aylesbury Common & Clyst St Mary, with a commentary by Dr Ed Fox and John Griffiths explaining what occurred at these sites in 1549.


This event was the second of many planned to commemorate the 475th anniversary of a significant moment in local and English history. On March 22, a large audience gathered at Sampford Courtenay Village Hall to hear about the background to the events, the clothes, food, and medicine that would have been around 500 years ago.

The 1549 rebels were a group of people who rebelled against the decision to impose the new Book of Common Prayer. The rebellion proved unsuccessful, and King Edward VI's army subsequently defeated the rebels outside Sampford Courtenay.