THE?Red Spider Company presents Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl, adapted for stage by David Woods at Lifton Community Centre from February 8 to 10.

Boggis, Bunce and Bean, three greedy, smelly, horrid farmers hate the cunning Mr Fox. Mr Fox is smart, clever, and rather fantastic but he doesn’t realise how determined the farmers are to get revenge on his theft of their food. Can he hatch a plan to save his family and friends? Can they outrun the diggers and outsmart the farmers? Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox is family fun at its finest. A tale of greed, pride, and the power of friendship.

The cast consists of Nick Watkinson (Mr Fox), Katie Stoneman, Primrose Taylor (little fox 1), Ruby Stephens (little fox 2), Florence Taylor (little fox 3), Paige Roberts (little fox 4), Martin Perry (Mr Badger), Rosa Watkinson (Mrs Badger), Felicity Pahdi (little badger), Jemma Martin (Miss Rabbit), Izzy Voaden, Alex Oke (rabbits), Isla Stacey, Zoe Badge, Elise Lake, Amber Hayllar, Paige Roberts, Lily-Mai Roberts, Lauren Page (mice), Kayleigh Revers-Jackson, Jessicca Maynard (chicken/mice), Alex Stoneman (Rat Chief), Ross Mallet (rat minion 1), Giles Pahdi (rat minion 2), Luke Taylor (Farmer Boggis), Cheryl Anderson (Farmer Bunce) and Mandy Kenyon (Farmer Bean).

Directed by Gill Taylor, the play involves children from Lifton and Lew Trenchard schools who have been involved for months in preparations which include after school workshops and special topics teaching them the skills of performance, music, stagecraft, design and costumes.