HATHERLEIGH Town Council is reviewing feedback from a public meeting on the traffic and parking problems affecting the town.

The town council called the meeting on May 28 as part of its parking and traffic review, which has the intention of seeking a traffic parking order to alleviate problems on certain roads and areas of the town.

The review has come about following a big response from Hatherleigh residents through the community plan expressing a desire to sort out parking and traffic in the town.

Town mayor Clare Tyson said: ‘Hatherleigh’s traffic and parking problems have being getting steadily worse because of our historic town’s narrow streets combined with a growing number of houses and households with multiple cars. There is also the added problem, like so many other places that people if given the choice will park as close as possible to where they want to be.

‘A particular problem is the supermarket entrance with cars often parking on the pavement in the door way. The meeting was held as part of a consultation to gather any further information and to hear how residents and businesses would like the town council to proceed in finding solutions.

Suggestions made by members of the public included yellow lines, box parking, resident parking permits, 20 mile per hour zones, a one-way system and more bollards.

Problems discussed included inconsiderate and selfish parking at junctions and on pavements. Problem areas include outside Hatherleigh Primary School, outside North Park Vets, the entrance to the Co-op store, Bridge Street and outside the Tally Ho! pub.

The mayor told the Times:?‘The meeting had a turn out of nearly 60 people and went as expected. It was useful not only for town councillors to hear face to face the concerns people have but also importantly for representatives from West Devon Borugh Council, the police, and our borough councillor Patrick Kimber and district councillor James McInnes to hear stories of the disruptions caused.

‘One thing that was clear was the difficulties and differing opinions of deciding what measures would be effective. There is a an overwhelming call to make the car park free, but contrary comments are that the car park used to be free and wasn’t used and Chagford’s car park is free but still has its parking problems. Introducing yellow lines is also a contentious issue. The outcome of the meeting showed a need to liaise with county council traffic engineers in investigating the most suitable options to solve our problems.

‘There was a concern that parking measures in the immediate vicinity may have a knock on effect and create problems in neighbouring narrow streets. There was also some cynicism that any measures would be ignored due to a lack of enforcement.

‘Once the council has fully reviewed the feedback from the meeting, it will set up a working group to liaise with Devon County Council and investigate viable traffic and parking solutions towards seeking a traffic order.’