Attempting to break a world record can involve many things but for Drake's Trail project officer Phil Baker, it's t-shirts — and lots of them!

In order to promote the Tamar Valley Trail Festival, as well as the Drake's Trail project, Phil will be attempting to break the world record for most t-shirts worn at the same time.

The event will take place on Saturday October 31, on the Drake's Trail itself, starting at 10am.

Phil said: 'I'm hoping to wear at least 200

t-shirts, so will be looking for donations from the good people of West Devon to help me.

'We'll be using part of the trail at Leg O'Mutton Corner, so it will be easy for people to come along and see how things are progressing.

'I have no idea how long the attempt will take — the most t-shirts I've ever worn so far is two!'

The t-shirts need to be clean, round-necked and short-sleeved. All t-shirts will be donated to charity after the event.

Phil will need t-shirts of varying sizes in order to be able to put on as many as possible.

'I'm hoping to get about 30 of each size, up to about 5 or 6XL. All donations will be gratefully received, but it will be harder to get hold of the bigger ones, so they will be especially appreciated.

'Each t-shirt will be photographed and may be used by Guinness World Records in future promotions, so it is a good opportunity for local businesses to get a bit of publicity to a potentially global market by donating a t-shirt with their name or logo on it.'

Donations can be made at West Devon Borough Council Offices, Kilworthy Park, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and at the Tamar Valley Centre, Cemetery Road, Drakewalls, between 10am and 4pm.

The Tamar Trail Festival will run between Saturday October 24 and Sunday November 1, and will feature more than 50 guided events throughout the Tamar Valley and surrounding area, including rambles, rides, river cruises, workshops and walks.

A copy of the festival programme can be picked up in local outlets, or visit"> to download the listings online.