People urged not to use new Calstock footbridge yet

By Liam Davies   |   Reporter   |
Friday 21st January 2022 4:00 pm
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Safety negotiations regarding the use of a new footbridge in Calstock across the River Tamar and wetlands area are ongoing and for the meantime the bridge remains closed and is not yet available for public use.

At a recent Calstock Parish Council meeting, members expressed concern that some people have been using the footbridge, despite the fact it remains closed due to the Environment Agency’s ongoing health and safety concerns.

Negotiations remain ongoing between the Environment Agency (who are responsible for installing the footbridge and currently hold ownership) and the Tamar Community Trust (who have been working with the government agency on the project) to establish liability and resolve these outstanding issues.

The following activities are required to make the site safe: reinstatement of fencing at critical locations along the footpath and leading up to the new bridge, installation of new signage to inform pedestrians and river navigators of the new hazards such as deep water and fast moving currents and additional work to extend the parapet railings and to reduce the rail spacing.

The council will become the owner of the bridge if the Tamar Community Trust folds. Whilst councillors appreciated the matter was delicate, Cllrs Dorothy Kirk and Alistair Tinto have said they are ‘hopeful the situation will resolve very soon.’

Ian Matuszczyk, communications manager for the Environment Agency said: ‘We appreciate the support from the community in the delivery of this project and apologise for the inconvenience.’

A specific date for the footbridge’s opening has not been established.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: ‘It is expected that the footpath will be reopened in early 2022 when risks have been sufficiently reduced.’


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