On your bike — you know it makes sense

Tuesday 20th April 2010 10:00 pm

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FIRST Mr Paul Mercer (Times, March 25), then Mr Ted Sherrell (April 8) — is this open season on cyclists?

Mr Mercer's comments were fairly harmless, if a little short-sighted. While I agree with him that cycling is a pleasurable pastime, and that, at present, maybe some facilities are under-used, this needn't be the case. Cycling is a sustainable form of transport and with increased promotion some of our excellent local facilities could be better utilised.

However, it is with Mr Sherrell that I must take issue. Is it not a little disingenuous to blame investment in cycling for, what I agree, is a woeful lack of funding in some of our public services?

Surely, Mr Sherrell should look to the City and Wall Street for answers as to the sorry state of the world economy, which has led to cuts in public spending.

As a councillor, he well knows that although there has been welcome local investment in cycle facilities, a large portion of new funding comes from Europe and Cycle England, so this funding in no way impacts on local budgets.

Cycling is not only an enjoyable leisure pastime, but is also an excellent form of transport for us hard pressed commuters.

It is cheap, healthy, green and sustainable, and with petrol prices continuing to rise and congestion increasing on local roads, surely, what we need is more, not less, investment and promotion of local cycling facilities.

So, to the both of you, I say 'On your Bike' — you know it makes sense.

Murray Turner

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