ON Wednesday, October 22, Okehampton welcomed the annual visit by the Two Moors Festival, hosted by the Friends of All Saints Parish Church.

Like last year’s festival, the Bosendorfer Imperial Grand piano was used for the day, delivered the previous night and then moved on to the next location later that night.

The soprano Lucy Crowe and her pianist Anna Tilbrook performed in All Saints Church, their act was titled Female Intonation. Both these very experienced artists lead flourishing international careers and the excellent acoustics much appreciated by the festival organisers

They performed an extensive programme of soprano and piano works by a variety of composers and the church was practically full for a truly wonderful concert.

Suppers and selected wines and soft drinks were available. George Ware, chairman of the Friends of All Saints Church, said that the whole festival was very successful.

The festival ran from October 22 to October 29 and offered an enticing range of concerts in churches throughout Dartmoor and Exmoor

The concerts included chamber music, recitals, workshops, and an orchestral concert.