A new friendship group is up and running for women of all ages from Tavistock and Horrabridge.

Meeting every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm at the Lower Hall of Tavistock Methodist Church, this group will allow women in the local area to make friends with and be supported by fellow women.

Ali Mansfield, pioneer minister and community worker renowned for her work in the Horrabridge and Tavistock communities, is spearheading the group. Ali said: ‘We just want as many women as possible out there to know that there’s a group out there for friendship and support; it’s a great way for women to connect.’

Whilst the hall is currently secured for term time only, if things pan out successfully as planned, there are plans to meet during school holdiays outdoors, either in the park or on a group walk. Although it is early days, there are many activities planned during the meeting time including art tasks and creative projects with plans in the near future to bring in motivational speakers and running courses on marriage and spirituality.

Ali said: ‘If there are women out there who don’t feel included in things; we say please just come and join us. Be with people you can talk to, join in conversations - this is all about love and acceptance. We would really love to mix different generations of women. Those who are wiser could teach us many things and younger women could bring lots of energy to the group! The focus of the group is empowering and encouraging other women. Whatever the need is in the community - our women will be the driving force behind that. We want to grow a group organically together.’