A TAMAR VALLEY mobile library is back on the road for 2024 and residents are being encouraged to use the service.

The mobile library service provided by Cornwall Council delivers books to residents in rural areas of the county, and those involved wish to see more people making use of this wonderful facility.

This comes as it was announced in autumn of last year that the Devon mobile library service will be axed at the end of February.

The mobile library made its first visit of 2024 to Calstock, last week, where residents were eager to pick up the books they had ordered.

The library service allows customers to order books online which can then be collected on board the van, or customers can browse the wide selection of books inside and borrow them using their Cornish library card.

Calstock resident, Gloria Manning, a regular user of the mobile library explained how the service is a lifeline for her: “We don’t want the service to stop.

“I read a lot and I don’t drive. It’s very important to us and I’d like to see more people using it.”

Other customers browsing the library echoed Gloria’s views and expressed their positive feeling towards the service and those who run it.

Peter Fox, the mobile library assistant who was on hand to assist the locals stressed how important the service is for rural communities and said: “it’s a lifeline to certain people who don’t have access to transport. It also provides a sense of community as it gives people a chance to get together. They can collect their book and have a catch up.

“In rural areas, a lot of people depend on it.”

Some of the locals expressed that it saves them getting the bus which is often unreliable and can result in around a two to four hour trip to visit the nearest library.

Pete highlighted that although the village’s residents do use the service, he’s keen to get the word out and attract more users.

“We are hoping to get more people involved in the service as we want it to thrive. The main downfall is that people don’t know about it.”

An individual that is keen to promote the library is Calstock’s, Jennie Kramer. She said: “It’s a wonderful service. I want to make sure people know about it.”

Pete explained that the main users of the service are those who no longer work.

The van visits the village every four weeks on a Thursday between 2.35pm and 2.55pm, a time when residents might be at work.

However, people could arrange for a friend or neighbour to collect books for them.

There are two mobile libraries running in east and west Cornwall. The east Cornwall van stops in the Tamar Valley at the following locations: Gunnislake, Calstock, Honicombe Park and Lower Metherell. For more information visit: